" I have to learn several languages... I just love them... and I HAVE TO do a lot of things and to travel...just because I LOVE TRAVELLING!!"

 We have a financial, material and intellectual support fund and we welcome applications from those young people who have the same desire as above. The ones who want to put in their own efforts and energy beside the parental support, since language skills are essential for the new generations in order to be successful in their life.

 Due to our partnerships we provide information about foreign language courses, higher education and how to get practical experience. Our activities include international exchange programmes for social workers looking after children as well as supporting the education of mentally handicapped children and those students who study social-pedagogy.  Different projects are available for young people who are currently not students of any formal educational institute.

 Belive in:

 "One moment, you have nothing, the next, you have more than you can cope with."
                                                                                                    Paolo Coelho